22 February 2013

Dear Mom(omomomom)

Hi, Momomomomom. It's me. Your daughter. Eleanor. I figure that, if I'm missing you this much, and you're missing me even half this much, that's a lot of missing, so I decided to write you a letter to let you know how much I love you.

(Spoiler: It's a lot)

The new look
Anyway, Dadadadadad and I have had a pretty good day of it since we dropped you off at the airport. You looked lovely, by the way - I lucked out in the genetic lottery!

But I digress. After we dropped you off, we headed back home, and Dadadadadad got me all nice and cozy-like, so that I was comfortable while I ignored my morning nap altogether! Instead, I redecorated (I hear it's called "pimping"?) my "crib". That pillow was just throwing off the whole motif by being upright and in the corner, so I moved it to the middle of the space and turned it upside-down. I think it really ties the whole area together. Whaddya think?!

Four for me, none for you...
I know you're proud, but this is only the beginning! While Dadadadadad got my lunch ready (the porkchops you left for us - I even graciously shared with him), he gave me four - FOUR - cheesy cracker thingies to munch on. I couldn't decide where to start, so I just grabbed them all!

While we ate lunch, we watched some oddball movie about ... green ninjas? And a rat? I'm not sure, it was pretty weird. What's a cow need with a bungie, anyway?

I was, as you might guess, totally unimpressed, but out of respect for the old man, I grudgingly giggled along while we played with my toys and he recited the whole movie, line by line, along with the actors.

Seriously, where did you find this guy, anyway?

The snack wall in AZ has headbands
and formula too, right?
After that spectacle, all that sleep I didn't get mugged me, right there in the living room, and stole my calm. Dadadadadad knew just what to do, though - he took me into my room and snuggled me until I calmed down. He even made sure I had a snack wall, just like the one on your end of the world, so I could feel closer to you.

This nap was successful! I dreamed about butterflies and rainbows and farts and, for some odd reason, a turtle with a Bronx accent. No, I'm not just making that up! It really happened!

I don't know either.
I think he's trying to look "dapper"
After my nap, Dadadadadad and I went on a date, just the two of us. He had to get some work done on his car, so he dropped it off at the dealership, and we walked to the Chili's just up the road. I told him to stop and take a picture of us, so you could appreciate my outfit, but he didn't even get my jeggings in the shot.

I mean, honestly. You would have gotten it right. Man, I miss you...

All was forgotten once we arrived at Chili's, though, because he shared his chips and salsa and queso with me. The waitress offered to bring me my own skillet of queso, but I politely declined. The queso was good, but I'm learning to make healthier choices by watching you, and you know how I loves me some broccoli, so I ordered that instead.

As it turns out, I love it even more when I put it on one of Dadadadadad's chicken fajita nachos. Dee-lish!

After that, we went back to the car dealership, where we found out that the car wasn't ready yet. Since we had some time to spare, I taught Dadadadadad a new trick! The video isn't great, but you get the idea.

Well, it's about time for me to get in the bath and start getting ready for bed. I love you, and miss you a lot, but I know you're going to have a great time and come home and tell me all the stories, and that makes up for it. Plus, the old man's not as boring as I thought he would be.

Squeeze my brotha from anotha motha, hug a Penny for me (and thank her for all the fine-ass threads she's sent this way), and tell everyone there "Hi" from me.

Love and squnches,

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