01 February 2013

My New Year's Resolutions

It's a long list this year...

1600 x 1200 (x2) - Desktop
1366 x 768 + 1024 x 768 - Recording Laptop
1280 x 720 - Galaxy Nexus
1280 x 800 - Nexus 7
1600 x 1200 (x 3) - Work (Desktop)
1600 x 1200 - Work (Test Server)
1440 x 900 - Work (Laptop)
1280 x 768 - Work (BlackBerry Z10)
1024 x 600 - Work (BlackBerry PlayBook)
640 x 480 - Work (BlackBerry Bold 9900)

... no, that's not the entire post, it was just the obligatory geek joke with regards to resolution.1

So I've never been much for New Year's Resolutions. I'm bad at keeping to things for an entire month, so the concept of keeping to something for an entire year is ... boggling. It just seems like setting myself up for failure, so I tend not to do it.

This year, though, I think I'll give it a go.

  • Be dad/husband
    • Be there for milestones in my daughter's life
    • Be there to help L survive being a stay-at-home mom
    • Be more responsible with my spending so that I'm a good example to El as she grows up and can provide anything she needs without having to put the family into the red
  • Become a bigger geek
    • Learn to program in Python, and finish at least three projects in the language
    • Consolidate my data to one machine and one backup, and get rid of the spare electronics lying all over the house
  • Write more often
    • Post a blog entry every two weeks
    • Write letters to folks that I don't see often
  • Get more organized
    • Keep a task list, use it, and actually check things off
  • Finish the around-the-house projects that never seem to get done
    • Finish the island I started making for L in 2011
    • Reattach the thresholds that have come up all over the place
    • Clean out the garage so we can park both cars in there again
  • Take better care of the yard
    • Clean up the leaves and twigs
    • Water regularly when such is required
    • Keep the grass trimmed regularly
  • Interact with real live humans
    • Have friends over at least once a quarter to do something that doesn't involve a TV or a computer
    • Spend time hanging out with friends just because we want to hang out
    • Go visit friends from afar
That looks like a lot! Here's hoping that telling you all about it will help me stick to it.

1- I've had the bulk of this post finished for two weeks now, but haven't posted it because I didn't have the full list of screen resolutions, and wanted to make sure I gave a complete list. Because I'm that big of a geek. Jeebus.

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