23 February 2013

Dear Mother...

Hi, it's your favorite she-beast, Bean Sidhe. That noisy pink kitten you brought home several months ago is off having fun with Dad, so I decided to take my opportunity to present a rather disturbing report.

You see, this morning, my surveillance cameras captured this image. The pink kitten, codenamed Gal El can be clearly seen cavorting with the enemy. We may have to face the fact that she may not truly be one of us.

I know that, for me, finding out that Dad was... it's still hard to say it... a "Dog Person" came as quite a shock. I can only imagine what seeing this picture does to you. Be strong, and know that our cause is just.

I've got to go. I think I hear the start of nap time, which means that I might get to enjoy a few minutes of uninterrupted sleep, myself. I look forward to your return.


Hi mom... It's Puca. I think Grey Cat forgot to hit Send just so I could send you a message myself. I love her - she's so thoughtful.

You are far away, and that means you must be feeling very worried about me. I know I'm always worried about you when you're not around. Don't worry, though. Dad's taking good care of all of us. He even left a bowl of potatoes out on the coffee table for me! I love that guy - always thinking ahead.

He's in the kitchen right now, cleaning dishes, and counting them so he knows they're all there. He just got up to "10 dishes rinsed, ah ah ah." He sure does love to clean.

I sure do look forward to you coming home tomorrow. I'm sure you'll have lots of treats and snuggles for me, plus all the smells. It'll be great.

I hear that smelling pretty flowers can help when you're stressed, so here's a picture of a pretty flower from the back yard. It smells awesome. I know, because I sniffed it before I peed on it this morning.



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